Event Credential Printing Services

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ID Shop is America’s most trusted provider of photo-identification badging solutions, including custom event identification, professional on-site registration, badge designs, ID cards, ID cameras, ID card printers, photo ID systems, ID card printer supplies, ID card software, ID card access control readers, badge holders, badge reels, lanyards, clips, pins and magnets, and other ID card accessories. Based in the Southeast, ID Shop manufacturers plastic cards and ID badges, including contactless RFID cards and smart chip technology. Advanced security devices including holograms, micro text, optically variable printing, bar codes, numbering, magnetic stripes, and proximity chips can also be added to your card products as an extra guard against fraudulent reproduction. Laminex, Credential Express and Badging Solutions are all brands owned and operated by ID Shop – an ID maker and provider of security access control systems and custom badge designs.

On-Site Registration Services

We offer high-quality custom badge designs, badge holders, custom lanyards and plastic card printers and supplies, but we also maintain a team of on-site credential staffers. We are available for travel both inside and out of the USA for large event credentialing projects. Our staff becomes an extension of your team, and the job is done professionally.

All projects are custom-quoted based on your needs. For more information on these services, please contact us via the form below.

Let us help you with the following event services:

  • On-Site Credential Printing
  • Issuing of Printed Badges at Events
  • Setup and Teardown of Credential and Registration Equipment
  • Logistics and Delivery of Credentialing Equipment
  • Pre Event Registration List Management
  • Pre Event Credential Printing and Delivery
  • Pre Event Credential and Accessory Design Services

ID Shop has worked some of the most popular events in the world, including the NFL’s Super Bowl and Pro Bowl. Using our high-speed systems and custom supplies, we can supervise your on-site registration to ensure a smooth registration process while reducing potential risk in counterfeit credentials. 

Peace of Mind and Security

We deliver custom personalized passes for events, conventions, trade shows, and meetings nationwide. Our access pass production service includes design assistance, digital or hard copy proofing, and staged delivery to fit your client’s needs. Databases and photos can be accurately merged into access passes for your customer’s next event.

Our complete ID badge making system includes ID cards, photo ID software, magnetic stripe readers, custom lanyards, badge holders, plastic card printers and card printer supplies. We also offer a full range of security features, including UVIGUARD™ (colorless inks), ColorGUARD™ (visible fluorescent inks), BarGUARD™ (black mask over encoded information), HoloGUARD™ (stock holographic patterns), MicroGUARD™ (micro text, characters or symbols) and CopyGUARD™ (hidden background or artwork designs).