Custom Printed Bag Tags


custom printed bag tagsYour team or event deserves the best bag tags available. Our durable Permabadge construction gives you years of indoor/outdoor use. Bag tags can be custom imprinted with logos, names, and even bar codes for accounting or ID.

Within ten business days (and often sooner) we will deliver your order of custom bag tags, and make your brand stand out. Options include:

  • RFID
  • QR Code
  • Bar Code (Linear)
  • Secure Foil Stamp
  • Microtext
  • Variable Text Information
  • Variable Color Bar and/or Icon
  • Anti-copy Watermark (requires white background)
  • Vinyl Loops or Beaded Chains

Our common shapes can be downloaded here. If you require product samples, please fill out this brief sample request form. We look forward to helping you protect your parking areas today with a secure parking pass.