The Matica (EDIsecure) professional XID Retransfer printer lineup includes the renowned XID 8300, F70R, XID 9300 and XID 9330 retransfer card printers and provides superior print quality for truly secure, high-volume operations needing the utmost flexibility and the lowest total overall cost of ownership (TCO.)

The XID retransfer card printer line includes options for access cards, employee IDs, driver licenses, transit passes and financial flat cards, with the largest variety of smart card encoding, printing and lamination modules in the world for desktop solutions.

Want a “bulletproof” solution with minimal down-time?

Matica is likely your best choice.

Browse the models below, and call us at (800) 228-6522 if you have any questions about which machine is best for your needs.

Card Printer - EDIsecure XID8300 Single-Sided Printing - USB

Product Code: DIH10450
Price: $4,595.00

Card Printer - EDIsecure XID 8300 Retransfer Dual Sided

Product Code: DIH10458
Price: $5,995.00

Card Printer - EDIsecure XID 9330 with Locks

Product Code: DIK10468
Price: $0.00